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    Hoffman Estates, Illinois...1982. John Lesavage was a fresh transplant from Scranton, Pennsylvania with an architectural drafting background and the neighbor kid Dennis Line was barely a high school student living 2 doors down. Dennis naturally started loitering around the twenty-something Lesavage and his roommates...loud muscle cars and vinyl records on the hi-fi, America in the 80's...pretty good. Dennis then went to art school at Ray College of Design, John went on to a long career in logistics and transportation.

    Flash forward a few decades and a couple clicks to the West...Torso Rags was born with a full production art studio and screen print shop. Line and Lesavage conceive, design, illustrate, photograph and print in their studio located in Olde Town Arvada, Colorado. 

    Stop by if you are in the area, coffee is always on.